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Miss you Dad!!!


10 years  – My dad died 10 years ago – wow!  Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago, sometimes, like it was yesterday.  There have been so many things I would have liked to talk to him about these last 10 years.  So many things I wish he had experienced with me.
He never met Richard.  He didn’t walk me down the isle, or have that special Father of the Bride Dance.

He wasn’t there when I graduated from nursing school.

He wasn’t there to meet his grandchildren.

He wasn’t there when Alexander was so sick in the hospital.  I know he would have been there every day that he could.  He would have helped to bring smiles and laughs to the other children and their families.  I am sure he would have put on Magic Shows for them.

I also know how heartbroken he would have been when Alexander died.  He always wanted Grandchildren – so much so that he even “adopted” a couple from a friend of his!   He would have been a great grandfather.  He would have loved and spoiled Julia!   I know he is taking good care of Alexander now.


Here is a Poem I wrote after he died:

My Daddy

My Daddy was one funny guy – he told the best – but yet the worst jokes in the world.  Do you know how to keep a Turkey curious for 24 hours??  I’ll tell you tomorrow!

My Daddy was a kind man – he seldom had anything bad to say about anyone, and if you had something bad to say about someone he would help you find a good thing to say.  He was always welcoming of new people – at work, friends at home, where ever he went.

My Daddy was magical!  He would make my stuffed animals come ALIVE and they would sing and dance to me before I went to bed.  He told me scary stories about the Monster of Mashpee Marsh but he told me funny tales too about Blue Eyed Princesses.  He was the best magician I ever knew – he taught me magic secrets that no one else knew.

My Daddy was adventuress!  He walked on hot coals, drove a race car, took helicopter rides into glaciers, and always went on crazy roller coasters with me, even when it scared him!

My Daddy was an honest man.  He taught me the best was to be successful in life was to be honest first with yourself, and then with whomever you were dealing with.

My Daddy was all these things – but he was also a loving husband, a great father, a brother, an uncle, a son, and a friend.  All of these things made him my Daddy.  He was the best Daddy in the whole wide world!


Making Some NOISE!!!

In recent weeks I have been on the hunt for a job!  It is not going well at all!  I have tried for a few nursing jobs, but have not heard back from most of them.  I have looked into retail work, but they all want weekends, and because of Richards schedule, I can’t work on the weekend.  So, what is a girl to do!?

Well, I am going to MAKE SOME NOISE!!   Last December, we went into Boston, to see Alexander’s Picture on the National Angel Quilt It was a beautiful, yet sad site to see.  WAY to many lives lost to STUPID CANCER!


While we were there, we got to talking to the founder of the Make Some Noise Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation and his mother who is the Chairman of the foundation.   They were interested in starting a Boston Chapter.   Time marched on – we had Alexander’s anniversary – Julia was born!  Then, a two hour phone conversation last week led to the start of the process!!!

YIKES!  What I have I gotten myself into!?? Well, something AWESOME!  Make Some Noise was started by Malcom Sutherland-Foggio while he was fighting his own cancer at the age of 10 he saw the lack of funding given to pediatric cancer research and wanted to make a change!

As I have never done anything like this, I am going to need a LOT of help!  It can be BIG or SMALL – anything is wonderful!

One of the things I will need the most help with is Noise Night!  Noise Night is a fundraiser where we will – well, MAKE SOME NOISE!!!  I have a lot of ideas running around in my head for it!  If anyone has experience planning a fundraiser, please let me know!  If you would be able to help with Raffle or Auction Items, let me know!   The Foundation has set January 12th for Noise Night – it is an event that will happen in multiple locations.

You can reach me at:

Please watch this video to get an idea of why the need is so great – warning though – you might need tissues!


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