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Random Thoughts

on May 6, 2012

Just some random thoughts and ideas today….

Public Restrooms

Only speaking about the ladies rooms here!  Clearly they are NOT designed by woman or those that are handicapped.

1.  Why do the doors on the stalls swing IN!  Especially when there is hardly even an INCH between the door and the toilet!!?   It is so hard to get in and out with touching the toilet – never mind if you are just a bit overweight, pregnant, or have a nice DRESS on.  I remember being at Prom and having issues!

2.  Toilet paper – don’t you just hate those ones that come off about three squares at a time!?!?   Not good if you are trying to cover the seat!  Cheaper and thinner paper isn’t always better, just makes me use MORE! (although I do understand plumbing issues might be the reason for that)

3.  Seat Covers!  Please, have them!!!!!

4.  Back to the paper – why do some stalls have them so LOW that you have have to reach UP to get to it – if you can do that at all, because it keeps breaking off!  I have seen this in the handicap stalls – they are UNDER the bars!  Do they really think a disabled person can reach that!?!?

5.  Handicap stalls – thankfully, I am NOT handicapped – but I do sometimes use the stalls (see reason number 1)  but I have noticed, that some, do NOT have raised toilets, or even proper bars!

6.   Drying your hands – okay – I get the whole “going green” thing, and not having paper towels.  But, PLEASE have a dryer that actually gives out HEAT and FAST – there are a few out there (xlerator hand dryer is one)  that do get the job done well!   If you are going to have paper towels, PLEASE leave a barrel near the door.  Don’t you know that not EVERYONE washes their hands (eww gross!) and it is nice to be able to open the door with the paper and toss it right out.  If you have an automatic dispenser, please give a half decent sized sheet!


The lost art of personal communication

I have a box filled with LETTERS from friends.  Yes, you remember letters right? You got paper, hand wrote or typed your message, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it put it in the mail and your friend got it a few days later.  It was fun to go to the mail and find a letter from your friend!!

Then came e-mail -and how cool was that?  I first had e-mail back in 1992 when I was at college.  We were thrilled that we could send a message to each other across campus.  I soon found online “pen pals”.  But, it was still a while before e-mail really caught on, and I was still getting letters.  It was especially nice when I was living in Virginia and I got mail.

But, as times changed, the letters slowed down – and soon, so did PHONE Calls even!  I remember getting together once for dinner with a friend, and we never once talked on the phone about it – we just e-mailed.  I thought about how odd that was.  Soon, so much of communication was done by e-mail.  If you didn’t have e-mail you were “weird”.

As e-mail and the internet grew, out came “Instant Messaging”  Again, I had that pretty early on. It was awesome being able to “chat” with my friends in Michigan when phone calls were so expensive.  Sometimes at work it was cool to use, when you just had a quick question to ask someone.  Okay, maybe we were just LAZY and didn’t want to walk two cubicles over to ask the question. Or sometimes that person might keep you chatting when you really didn’t have the time.   I do still use that now on Facebook – and it can be kind of cool still I will admit.  Especially when you can “talk” to people in other countries!

Next were the text messages – I didn’t do that for a bit – and I still don’t do that a TON, but I do use them.  It can be nice to have them.  How the kids do it so fast and non-stop though is beyond me.  Just pick up the phone and TALK to you friend!!!  In Massachusetts they have banned doing it while driving – how anyone can do that anyways is beyond me!

In 2004 Facebook was launched.  It started off slow, and was mostly for college/high school kids.  I think I first got on it in December of 2007.  Some people at work were on it so I thought I would “check it out”.  It was cool to be able to reconnect with people who I knew way back when.  This year, I was found by a girl (now woman) I worked at during the summer of 1988 or 1989 at a camp  She is from England (we use to write those LETTERS to each other I talked about!)

Sometimes I think Facebook is great.  Like when Alexander was sick, It was a fast way for me to get a prayer request out, without having to do a care page.  The messages people wrote me, often helped get me through the day.

But, in some ways I do NOT like Facebook.   For example, a lot of companies offer “deals” but you have to “like” them on Facebook. Well, what if I don’t want to “like” you – I don’t want you to have access, however limited, to my information.  And what if I do NOT have or WANT a Facebook account? Don’t these companies know they are missing out on a whole population of people???

As Facebook has grown I have noticed I get less E-mails!   People are now using Facebook to “e-mail” people! I guess that is okay, but what about people who don’t use Facebook all the time? They just go on occasionally – they might miss an important message/invite/etc.  What really gets me are those people who don’t even bother to send a “private message” and just say “Hey you, are we meeting up Tuesday or Thursday”.  Does the whole world really need to know your plans?  And, back to the title topic, where is the PERSONAL communication?  How about picking up the phone and just ASKING that question?

Now, I am not saying I am not also guilty of any of these things – I am sure I am.   Just an observation of life – and the lost are of Personal Communication.



One response to “Random Thoughts

  1. Terry says:

    Nancy, my brother in law in Georgia has said for the last two years that communication as we know it will cease to exist within 5 years or so. I tried really hard when I was at their house last week to limit any cell phone use, texting, etc… as much as possible!

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