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Media Craze

I pretty much gave up on watching the news years ago.  There is not too much “good news” out there worth listening too.  This week, the media as been going crazy over the Casey Anthony trial.  I admit, I have not followed it at all (I have had a few other things on my mind the last 2 years) so I can not comment on whether or not she is guilty.  However, I do wonder, why the media and the “world” cares so much?  Many of my friends made comments on facebook yesterday when the verdict was given.  I remember when the OJ trail was going on, I watched it with my co-workers, and they were placing bets on the results.  I refused to participate in that.   I don’t understand how some cases are such public news, and others are not heard about again.  As horrible as it may be, I am sure that there are many parents that kill their children – we just never hear about it.  Why did we hear about Caylee?  Why Jon Benonit?  Is it because they are pretty little white girls?  Clearly OJ was because he was “famous”.  What bothers me most about these cases, is that people focus so much on the KILLER and we seem to forget that there was a VICTIM.  (the topic of victim rights is another topic I could go off on, but not today)

Perhaps we will never know who killed that little girl – or so many of the children that go missing and are murdered every year, that we may never know about, because they just aren’t “newsworthy” outside of their family.  I think the best thing we can do is to pray for the lost ones, and pray that justice will somehow be brought to them.  Pray, that like John Walsh through the murder of his son, something good can come out of something so horrible.



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I just found this blog – very well said – I thought


The Big Question

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I know a question on everyone’s mind is “Are you and Richard going to have more children?”  How do I know this?  Well, we have had that question asked of us already – in fact, Richard got it from TWO different people on the same day just TWO WEEKS after Alexander had died (and not friends – these were people that were providing Richard a service – dental hygenist and a massage therapist).

The other day someone asked me if I had “given his things away” yet!   Hmmm….um, no – not quiet ready for THAT yet, it has only been 3 months!

I am sure people are feeling “sorry” for us that our only child has died and don’t want us to be “alone” in our lives.  Please don’t feel sorry for us.  Feel glad, that we had our wonderful boy, even if it was for such a short while

So in answer to everyone’s questions – we DO plan on having more children.  As to WHEN, well, we don’t know the answer to that one.  We aren’t “planning” on getting pregnant this week!   But, when the time is right and we are ready we will consider it.  We are of course scared – scared of what could happen to another child.  Could that child get cancer to?  Yes.  Is there any more of a chance of this child getting cancer, than Alexander had? We are not sure.  Neuroblastoma is not considered to be “genetic” but there are “markers” for the disease, but as to how good the tests are for those, we just don’t know at this time.

So – what can people do?  Well, please don’t ask us our plans, because well, I haven’t asked YOU, YOUR plans about future children, I mean, really, is that ANYONES business!?!?   Baby making and pregnancy can be a pretty private matter.  We had trouble getting pregnant with Alexander in the first place.  I know people that CAN’T get pregnant at all – to ask people, especially ones that aren’t your best friends,  such person questions can be hurtful. So please be careful, when you are “just trying to be nice”

You CAN continue pray for us – pray that we continue to heal from the pain of Alexander’s death.  Each day is different. Some days are easier than others. 


Finger Food

As I was getting some banana bread for breakfast the other day, I was debating about eating it with a fork, or with my fingers.  I started to wonder, “Just what makes “finger” food, finger food?”  I recalled when I was working at Perkins School for the Blind.  The student in my charge that day, was having trouble getting the cake with the cake and I said “you could just pick it up”.  Her Occupational Therapist heard me and said “As her OT I have to disagree”.  Other people in the cottage also agreed with her.  But when I said “what if it had been a cupcake” they all said, “well, THEN it would be okay to just pick it up!”  I didn’t win the argument, and I have always been bothered by that.  Why is it okay to use your fingers, to pick up a cupcake, but not a piece of cake?  Why is Chicken on a BONE okay to use fingers, but not without a bone?

I have been to a few Medieval dinner theater shows, and one of the “fun” things, is that they don’t give you any utensils.  While, I would agree on average that is not the way to go, how did utensils come into play at all?  I did a Google Search (oh, if only Lycos had taken off when I was working there, then the world would be saying “I Lycosed it” instead of “I Googled it”)

Here is a bit from Wikipedia:

Before the fork was introduced, Westerners were reliant on the spoon and knife as the only eating utensils. Thus, people would largely eat food with their hands, calling for a common spoon when required. Members of the aristocracy would sometimes be accustomed to manners considered more proper and hold two knives at meals and use them both to cut and transfer food to the mouth, using the spoon for soups and broth.


So I ask again – how is food chosen to be “finger food” or not?   Steak – no, ground steak – AKA hamburgers FINGERS. French Fries FINGERS, Baked Potato no.  Brownie FINGERS,  Brownie sundaes no (well, okay, that one you really DO need a spoon for! but you know what I mean!)

Yes, these are the things I ponder late at night when I can not sleep!  Any thoughts, suggestions are welcome!


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